Investor visa guide to Dubai

Dubai is one of the finest places to invest your money and make money! It is currently one of the most important sites for foreigners to invest initiatives and count on positive feedback in the next years, whether the effort is in real estate, food, or any commercial franchise. The investment visa in Dubai and its center of chances are responsible for people’s success.

People see Dubai as a gold mine with several industries in which to put their money. Foreigners have also benefited greatly from existing legislation throughout the years. The introduction of the golden visa during the Covid’19 epidemic was a watershed moment in terms of visa acceptance in the UAE.

The golden visa provided people with a lot of advantages. The most significant advantage of this visa is that no national sponsor is required: anyone may come to Dubai without the consent of a local or UAE citizen. Because of this freedom, many international investors have flocked to Dubai to try their luck in various markets.

So, before considering investing in Dubai, it is important to understand the various investment visas in Dubai, their requirements, and their explanations. Visas are required for entry into another nation, therefore if you are seeking for business prospects or to establish an enterprise in Dubai, this handbook is your holy grail. Before you begin your adventure, this post will lead you through all of the investment visas and their processes, as well as explain how to utilize them!

Dubai investment visa

This visa is intended exclusively for foreign investors who wish to fund or create a business on the mainland or in free zones. The application procedure, however, may differ depending on which emirate the investor chooses.

The Dubai partner visa or investment visa is ideal for people who wish to migrate to Dubai and begin their residence. These folks can also live, work, and sponsor other family members in Dubai, making it simpler for the entire family to relocate with financial assistance.

This visa is also known as a residence visa, and it is valid for 5-10 years, allowing the investor plenty of time to expand their business and make their endeavor a success!

This visa is generally provided to people who purchase shares in an existing firm for at least AED 72,000 or who form a company with a capital investment of the same amount. This sum is required so that investors may demonstrate their financial strength to the government before the individual can move onto their land.

Entry requirements for Dubai

Every visa has certain paperwork, financial, and validity criteria. If you are investing in or launching a business on Dubai’s territory, you must provide the following papers as part of your Dubai investor visa application.

  1. IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
    This is required so that the visa processing staff may review your financial bank statements and grant your visa if you meet the criteria.
  2. The establishment card is also referred to as the CEC or company establishment card and the CIC or corporate immigration card. Whatever the name of the paperwork, it is just a physical card the size of a bank card that outlines information about your business, endeavor, or already existing firm.
  3. Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) as proof of ownershipA memorandum of agreement (MOA) or cooperative agreement is a contract formed between parties who are collaborating on a business or achieving an authorized goal.


  4. One image on a white backgroundDistracting factors are eliminated by using a white backdrop. White is very light and has minimal impact on the overall image. This allows for greater emphasis on the candidate while maintaining a straightforward, sleek, and professional appearance.
  5. A partner’s current UAE visa (if applicable)This applies if you have a partner in the UAE who already has a visa or is a resident.


  6. A copy of your partner’s passportIf the individual is married or has a family, the passport serves as proof of that relationship and must be recognized by the government in order for the visa applicant’s identification to be validated further.


  7. Copy of the Sponsor’s Emirates ID Trade¬†LicenseEvery applicant’s sponsor has an ID number on their passport. The UAE visa number is also visible on the visa sticker. This number, which might include seven or more decimal digits, is written next to the entrance permission code.

How can I apply for a business visa?

Applying for an admission permit through typing centers, Tasheel centers, or the immigration agency is the easiest method to begin the procedure. A medical exam is also required, so acquire a fitness test from any healthcare facility and fill out the entrance permission form with the name of that facility.

Following that, you must submit a few papers, including the Emirates ID Card, Health Insurance, family member photos or ID cards, and biometrics. All of these is required to convert to a visa and present it to any Amer center in Al Jafiliya, Dubai Festival City, or Al Quoz.

How much does a Dubai Investment Visa cost?

The admission permit costs around AED 1,175 for foreigners in the UAE and AED 525 for those outside the UAE. If you are currently a resident, the visa change will cost you up to AED 675. The remaining fees are projected to be AED 870, AED 405, and AED 322 for the Visa stamping, Emirates Identification Card, and Medical Tests processes, respectively. Other fees such as trade licenses can also be included!

Online Dubai Visa

Another method of applying is over the internet! This entails applying for an investment visa using the online E-government Directorate of Naturalisation and Residency Department (eDNRD) portal, which is available to Dubai businesses and organizations.

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