Real Estate Asset Management vs. Property Management

Apart from food and water, housing is the most fundamental human need, yet it has made its way into the global real estate market, and you are tormented by a who is who of the tabloids! One of the most common identity crises in the residential or commercial real estate industry is the interaction between real estate agents and Dubai property management. Despite the fact that the two titles are commonly used interchangeably, they generally refer to jobs that are totally different:

Dubai Property Management

If you own a large number of rental properties or do not reside nearby, you may want to hire a property manager to supervise your investments. Property managers aren’t cheap, typically charging between 5% and 10% of rental income. A property manager, on the other hand, may be a lifeline when distance, weather, and other factors make managing your rentals problematic. This is especially true if your home is part of a government-sponsored affordable housing program that follows strict criteria. A professional in affordable housing real estate management will assist you through the complexity of laws and regulations to guarantee you are in compliance.

Property management duties include the following:

  • Interviews are being conducted with prospective renters.
  • Leases are made.
  • Make certain that the rent is paid.
  • Recruit installers and prioritize real estate repairs.
  • Resolve any issues that may occur with the renters.


Dubai Real Estate

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you’ve undoubtedly employed the services of a real estate agent. Yes, selling properties is part of a real estate agent’s work, but it is only one aspect of the job. The real estate agent is familiar with the local real estate market, as well as the estimated costs and availability of the sort of property that their customer seeks. If you require assistance from house purchasing professionals such as appraisers, lenders, or developers, your real estate agent should be able to assist you. If you are selling your house, your real estate agent will handle not just the marketing but also the professional photography, videography, and staging. A substantial amount of documentation is required when buying or selling a house, and your agent maintains the right to reserve as much time as necessary, as well as any additional time.

A real estate agent’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Making advertisements
  • Promotional materials are being made available.
  • Prospective client meetings
  • Explaining the key traits and values of a property
  • Bringing a sale to an end

Is it necessary to have real estate asset management or property management?

There is some overlap between Dubai property management services and Dubai property management firms. The parallel ends there. You can do either marketing or budgeting. Real estate asset managers seek to look at the big picture. You are like generals in a war room, devising a comprehensive plan to assist a real estate investor in achieving his or her goals. Property managers are the ones on the ground. They’re on the job, taking directions and tending to all that has to be done. Everyone who invests in real estate does not need to hire a real estate investment manager. Anyone owning more than a few properties, on the other hand, should consider employing a property manager. Your Place Property Management in Dubai has a long history of aiding landlords in lowering their property management to-do lists.

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